LED landing light

The landing light burned out on the aircraft. So, in goes a shiny new Whelen Parmetheus Plus PAR36 landing light! Not sure what the final bill will be, but as with most things aviation, the cost for this thing is a bit outrageous. It will be about $300.


Everyone is now welcome to leave the landing light on throughout the flight. The LED energy usage is much lower, less than 20W. The LED won’t burn out and isn’t particularly sensitive to vibration. The added safety of leaving the light on all the time is great. The slightly reduced workload of not having to remember to turn off and on the light is a nice bonus.

Additionally, there is a 50-hour inspection coming up in a couple days. I’ve asked that the sticking co-pilot seat height adjuster be looked at. I verified myself that it’s pretty stuck. To the CFIs out there who are stuck at the given height, my apologies. We’re getting that corrected.

Also, the MFD was squawked. This is a known problem. Aerial Avionics will be taking a peek at it. I’m not hopeful. If the only solution is to replace the unit at $2500, I’m not likely to do so for such an outdated moving map. It works perfectly well, but one of the front panel LEDs fails during self-test. I believe the self-test is the actual failure, as all the LEDs actually light and work properly. I’ll take it as it comes. The director of maintenance of Trade Winds may be forced to mark it in-op, which would be quite a blow.

LED landing light

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