Made some KLN 94 tweaks

Hello all. I had a chance, as a result of the issues the KLN 94 GPS has been having with reading a correct OBS from the CDI to tweak some of the configuration of the KLN.

  • Hopefully fixed the issue with the CDI. Could you all monitor it to see if it’s really fixed? The issue was that the CDI’s OBS was being read as 45 degrees off by the KLN. It’s been adjusted, and let’s watch it to ensure it stays accurate.
  • QuickTune! If you search for a frequency in the KLN, you can now push it to COM 2 or NAV 2 by just moving the cursor to the frequency and pressing ENT. I can actually configure it work with COM 1, COM 2, or both. I chose to only go to COM 2 and NAV 2. This skips the step of selecting the radio to send the frequency to and also allows you to put the NAV frequency into a CDI that isn’t being used already by the GPS.
  • The connection to the KMD 550 MFD was made more robust. More information should now show up on the large moving map.
  • The configuration for the KAP 140 autopilot’s interface with the KLN 94 was improved. The autopilot should behave better now.

I hope you all enjoy the improvements. Let me know if something goes wrong or if the stuff doesn’t work like you’d want it to.

Made some KLN 94 tweaks