June is in

June is done and N194SP had a decent month. 43 hours of wind blew under the wings but it was tempered by more limited-life items expiring.

First, I won’t name names here, but it’s become apparent that N194SP has become a favorite of some pilots. I get a report at the end of the month of each flight taken and two renters each flew around 9 hours in the plane. This is great! I’d love to know what you like about the plane and why you return to it repeatedly, as well as what you may want different. I’ve already talked to a few people and I’ve heard that the clean, working interior and straight and true rigging are particularly appreciated. Keep feeding me with this information as I definitely use it to decide where to dedicate the resources for this aircraft.

But…some resources get dedicated and you have no choice. In the case of N194SP, it was a bad alternator. Coming right on the heels of the replaced belt comes the need for an alternator overhaul. That and the alternator noise filter wiped out any profit for the month, digging an $850 hole. So far, out of seven months, the plane has only had one break-even month. June wasn’t one of them.

Also confounding matters is the turn coordinator. It went bad a couple months ago and the overhauled unit turned out to also be bad. Though the overhaul company covered the part itself under warranty, they did not cover shipping and they did not cover labor. Nearly $400 disappeared swapping the TC again. I will be avoiding that overhaul company from now on.

Looks like there will be a 100-hour inspection in July, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes up in that.

Happy flying, everyone!

June is in