Autopilot issues

So, you may have noticed there have been some issues with the autopilot lately. Turns out, there are probably two things causing that. The roll servo was intermittent in one direction. That would mean the plane would roll one way, but be unable to roll back the other. The roll servo was overhauled to the tune of $2,250. As a result, Roll and Heading modes should work perfect again!

Nav mode, however, is more troublesome. While in the shop with Aerial Avionics, we noticed that the reported OBS to the KLN 94 would get stuck at 47 degrees or 227 degrees, depending on the TO/FROM flag. But only intermittently! The culprits could be the CDI (around $1200 to overhaul), the GPS/NAV switch ($1200 for a button!), or just dirty or loose connections. After clean-up, it does not appear to be having problems anymore, but please keep watching it and let me or WVFC know if you see issues with the AP in Nav mode.

While there, we got ready to fix two other issues. The clock has been having issues. I ordered a new one for $600, so that should get replaced very soon. Also, the display on COM1 can be unreadable when cold. This is a known issue with the EL displays on KX155A. An LED replacement display has been swapped in and we’re just waiting to get it installed. Should be about $1500.

Lastly, there have been a couple reports of the HI becoming intermittent. Please keep watching it. I need to either overhaul it, if it’s bad, at $1500, or replace it with a Garmin G5 for about $4000.

Happy flying, everyone!

Autopilot issues