Flying again, but no sender type change

Well, N194SP is flying again. It’s been way too long that the plane wasn’t flying, and for that, I apologize. This has been a painful lesson in how things work in the aviation industry. I now know what I should have done in hindsight, but each decision sure made sense when I was making them.

First, you’ll see that the fuel gauge in the plane hasn’t changed as it was supposed to. That’s because it’s flying on the Rochester part. Granted, it’s a brand new part, sourced from Air Power for $650. The CiES units and all the parts and work that go along with putting them in were going to take another month. I couldn’t afford that. So, the stock Cessna part went back in. Of course, that’s what I should have done from the first, but live and learn.

Second, I still ordered the CiES units. They’ll arrive in about a week. I don’t know how I’m going to show the level. There are three options: convert the signal to resistance and show it on the stock gauge, buy the Aerospace Logic fuel gauge for almost $1000, or get an EI CGR-30P engine monitor for $3500 (plus lots of labor). If I do anything with them, it will probably be right around annual.

So, question to my flyers: What’s an engine monitor worth to you? I’d need to add a few dollars an hour to account for the cost of the system. Is it worth that to you?

Flying again, but no sender type change