Annual at WVFC

Yeah, I’m a bit late with this…this happened in November. It took a while to get all the information compiled, as I was new to West Valley.

In November, the plane had an annual at West Valley Flying Club’s maintenance department ahead of being placed on the line at WVFC. It was a relatively easy annual, and was done easily on time. In fact, the plane got its first renter in November, ahead of the stated on-line time of December!

As a summary, the annual inspection was $1260 for the inspection itself, plus $180 for the AD research. It was found the that Slick magnetos were due for their 500-hour inspection, which ran $360. This would be the first time the magnetos were inspected since the engine overhaul, and they needed points and new plugs. $155 put in new points, $150 put in new plugs. Of course, oil was changed during the annual, which ran $160.

The annual also found some issues at the very bottom: brakes were worn and one tire was flatspotted. $100 for a new tire and $180 to have it installed fixed one problem. $55 for brake linings and $180 for installation fixed the other problem. Also, in the process of putting it on the line, four spare quarts of oil were put in the club box in the plane for $35. All told, the process cost $2,900.

The plane spent much of November not flying due to the club move. As a result, flying hours from WVFC were only a single flight of 1.1 hours. November was definitely a losing month, but I expected that.

Annual at WVFC