New panel underway!

A week ago, I flew the plane from Palo Alto out to Oregon to have major surgery done on the panel. The shop was a few days behind, but now the exciting work is underway!

There’s much to be done to the plane, and it will be significantly more functional when it gets back. What do you think I’ve got going in? Here’s some hints I’ve already dropped:

  • It’s definitely getting a Garmin GTX-345. There’s no way this work was going to happen without an ADS-B solution. The plane will be 100% ready for 2020 when we’re all done here!
  • There will not longer be a pair of vacuum to drive any instruments. Take a peek at the picture…the AI and the DG are already missing!

Here’s another hint: although every piece of avionics has been removed from the plane, some of it will be coming back. And some will be entirely new. Can you guess what my the plane will have when done? (There’s some hints in the pictures as to what might be going and what might be staying.

New panel underway!