Some downtime for the engine

Sometimes in plane ownership, luck is not with you. The engine on N194SP decided it needed to get some heavy maintenance at its half-life. Nothing too terrible, but January has had some downtime for the aircraft.

First, the left magneto gave up the ghost. The coil failed in the magneto during a flight to Watsonville. Of course, the right magneto continued humming along nicely, so there was no threat to the safety of the flight, but it doesn’t leave the plane in a condition to be flown home. WVFC’s chief mechanic flew to KWVI to swap out the magneto. Four hours of labor and a $1500 part, and the plane was flying again.

The good times lasted another couple weeks. The plane went in for a 100-hour inspection, and they found that one of cylinders had lost compression. It was still producing power, but something is dreadfully wrong with it. An overhauled cylinder is being put on, and we’ll hopefully be flying in a week or two!

Some downtime for the engine

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