Last month with Trade Winds

I’ve had one complete year with Trade Winds. In that time, N194SP has:

  • flown 299 times with
  • 82 pilots for
  • 402 Hobbs hours that resulted in
  • 275 Tach hours that consumed
  • 2,907 gallons of fuel that cost
  • $16,110 and burned
  • 20 quarts of oil and needed
  • $17,179 in repairs and
  • $3,720 in inspections.

There were zero repairs this last month with TWA, but it was only a half month and the aircraft moved to West Valley in Palo Alto, where an annual was performed. So, November does have more work than what was shown, and I’ll document that when I get the bill from WVFC.

Last month with Trade Winds

2 thoughts on “Last month with Trade Winds

    1. Not sure where you’re getting that number from. TWA takes an 18% cut from the hourly rate. That amounts to about $11,000 in revenue (not profit). TWA does not provide the fuel, so there’s nothing there. Service was not 100% TWA, but was mostly TWA. So, that was another roughly $20,000 in revenue. Not shown in the 12 months of tiedown for $1300. There was also plane washing, but I think that was directly contracted out. So, roughly $32,500 in gross revenue.

      But not profit! TWA clearly also spent considerable money on my airplane. Those repairs often included expensive parts. They have a large staff to pay for to give you that excellent service. I don’t know what their profit margin is, but I guarantee it’s not 75%!


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