Online at WVFC!

N194SP is now ready to go at West Valley. Parked in tiedown S7, it’s available to all at West Valley checked out in 172SP.

The page at the WVFC website still needs some pics and the W&B link doesn’t work yet, but that’s being worked on.

Bonus: The KMD 550 is getting a database update. It hasn’t been updated in about 10 years, since the data in it is not required for flight, is expensive, and changes very infrequently. Most owners do not bother updating the 550. But… Bendix/King had the updates for half off if you also update the KLN 94 (a must for /G flight) so I went ahead and spent the $200 (+$35 tax and S&H) to get four updates through the year.

The annual itself was uneventful. A couple wear items needed help: new brake linings needed and the left main tire was flatspotted at some point. The Slick magnetos were found to be due for their 500-hour inspection, so that was also done. She’s in great shape!

Online at WVFC!

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