September turned out well

A good number of hours (48.1) and relatively light on the repairs means that September broke even. Looking at the flight logs, I’m getting a good number of repeat renters. I’m not even the person who’s flown my own plane the most this year!

The list of repairs was short. An oil change pulled the plane out of circulation for a day, but that’s a normal consequence of a plane that’s flying. The alternator that was replaced two months ago failed again. It was replaced under warranty, thankfully. The renter who flew it during the failure was refunded their flight time.

The oil filler tube came a little loose and made a bit of a mess. That was tightened and resecured. There were a couple other minor items: the tow bar needed some tightening and nose strut needed to be pumped up a little.

The biggest was $500 to fix some of the cowl mountings. The shock mounts are $65 each and five were replaced. A couple small cracks were repaired, and the plane was flying again.

September turned out well

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