50-hour inspection

IMG_20151223_172348 (2)

N194SP just completed its first 50-hour inspection on the line at Trade Winds. It was quite successful, with all the normal stuff happening, including an oil change and fuel line inspection per AD 2015-19-07. The seized adjustment nut on the co-pilot’s seat height crank was lubed, which fixed that problem. A couple days earlier, it had gotten a shiny new LED landing light. All is well with the aircraft.

Despite that, I did get a nasty surprise. I fly with the seats in most aircraft, including this one, fully upright. As a result, I didn’t notice that AD 2007-05-10 had been complied with by adding a steel bar as a replacement for the adjustment cartridge. This satisfies the AD and is an eminently safe and inexpensive choice. However, it disabled (by completely removing) the adjustment mechanism. The seat can only be bolt upright.

Again, I’m faced with a hard choice. The upgraded kit of parts that re-enables the back adjustment is an eye-watering $2500. Add to that about $600 in labor, and I’m looking at a bill in excess of $3000 just to allow the seat to lean back. When this kit was released in 2007, the price was $600. Cessna parts costs have skyrocketed in recent years. I need to make a choice as to what to do with this in 2016. I’m open to feedback; leave comments if you rent my aircraft as to how you’d like it prioritized.

50-hour inspection

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